• What material is good for the cabinet body? Let you easily choose not to entangle

    Many people have difficulties when buying cabinets. So many cabinet door panels are completely dazzling. Today, we have collected several door panel materials suitable for the cabinet body for you to easily choose not to entangle!

  • Is the white integral cabinet easy to clean? How to maintain the white integral cabinet

    White cabinet is high-grade and beautiful, but everyone has a fear of white. White clothes are easy to get dirty, and the whole white cabinet is also easy to get dirty. Is it really so? Is there any good way to maintain it? Let's discuss it.

  • How should white integral ambry match just good-looking, you know immediately

    White overall cabinet is more versatile cabinet, basically no decoration is ugly, but we all have the pursuit of people, we will make a good match, make the whole kitchen more beautiful

  • Expert analysis of three pitfalls in flat pack cabinet purchase

    Now, after more than ten years of development, many powerful large enterprises have introduced foreign advanced equipment, materials and technology are gradually in line with international standards, and have corresponding reference standards in quotation. Therefore, some large enterprises have "abandoned" the linear rice quotation, and adopted the unit standard quotation which is widely used in the world, basically realizing the transparent quotation. In the market, most of the enterprises that still quote according to the linear meter are unknown small enterprises. They try to fish in troubled waters with nonstandard quotations to deceive consumers.

  • The advantages of unit cabinet quotation mode are prominent or become the mainstream of the industry

    There are always two kinds of terminal sales quotation modes in China's cabinet industry: linear meter and unit cabinet. There has been a long-standing debate about the advantages and disadvantages of the two models. So, at this stage, which mode is more advantageous and more popular in the market attracts the attention of the industry.

  • You will love this kinds of kitchen door and drawer front

    I believe you will not feel strange to the cabinet unit. Cabinet unit cabinet can be said to be all over every household. Cabinet unit cabinet is both beautiful and practical, deeply favored by people. But what is the basic composition of the cabinet unit cabinet, do you understand? So next, let's introduce the basic composition of the cabinet unit cabinet.

  • Flat pack cabinet- Introduction to the basic composition of cabinet unit cabinet

    The door panel of the cabinet is not only the role of decorating the cabinet, but also the role of protecting all kinds of utensils in the cabinet. The door panel of the cabinet often comes into contact with the oil stain of cooking, so what materials will be more resistant to dirty? List some door panels for comparison.

  • Do you know what material is good for cabinet door

    The quality of the cabinet door affects the quality of the cabinet. The beauty of the cabinet door is improved a lot. So which of the many different cabinet door materials are suitable for your home? Let's have a look.

  • What material does cabinet door board use

    The detailed analysis of 12 kinds of door panels will let you know more about what materials are good for cabinet door panels. Only when the cabinet materials are selected, can we make our cabinet better. Let's learn it together.

  • where to buy kitchen cabinets doors only

    The kitchen decoration design should not only consider the water and electricity layout, but also the customized design of the whole cabinet. The cabinet design includes the overall layout, color, style, cabinet board, hardware, etc. the selection of the board used in the cabinet includes not only the board of the cabinet body, but also the selection of the cabinet door panel

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