If you want to use the cabinets for a long time, the kitchen will be bright


1. Maintenance of door panel:

Clean and wipe frequently to keep the door panel dry.

Glossy door panels need to be wiped with a fine-quality cleaning cloth.

Solid wood door panels such as oak, beech, walnut and other materials can be cleaned with furniture wax to keep the color of the logs beautiful and long-lasting.

The crystal door panel can be cleaned and wiped with flannel, or lightly wiped with a dry cloth.

The painted door should be wiped with a fine cleaning cloth dipped in a neutral cleaning liquid to avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid scratches.

The action of opening and closing the door panel should be light and handy. Regular oiling on the door hinge can extend the service life of the kitchenware. If the humidity in the house is too high, you need to install a dehumidifier in the kitchen core to keep the kitchenware dry to avoid deformation.

2. Maintenance of the kitchen counter:

Heavy objects should be placed under the kitchen counter in the kitchen counter, and the counter should be kept dry. If any water drips, wipe it with a dry cloth as soon as possible. Water leakage must be prevented in the sink and kitchen counter. If there is water leakage, check the cause of the water leakage first, and if it cannot be solved, ask maintenance personnel to solve it.

3. Maintenance of hanging kitchen:

Heavy objects should not be placed in the hanging kitchen, but lighter objects, such as seasoning jars, glasses, etc., should be placed in order to avoid damage to the kitchenware.

Fourth, the maintenance of the sink:

Use a neutral detergent and scrub with a cotton cloth.

If the stainless steel sink has water spots, it can be washed with detergent powder or vegetable cloth.

Avoid heavy blows or sharp objects on the surface of the enamel sink.

Do not allow water to accumulate on the sink and kitchen counter. If there is a problem of poor drainage, please ask maintenance personnel for inspection as soon as possible.

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