• The three most invisible killers in kitchen design that are most easily overlooked

    In the kitchen decoration, in addition to considering color matching, attention should be paid to the selection of lighting. Many people think that if there is a light in the kitchen, it is enough to illuminate it. According to the designer, the consequence of this is that a lot of shadows are formed in the kitchen, that is, the visually impaired areas with backlighting. This will affect the mood when cooking.

  • Keep the overall kitchen dry and unobstructed, enjoy the elegant kitchen art

    Regularly check the gas stoves, water heaters, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances in the kitchen for leaks or immersion in the water connection, and ensure that the kitchen is dry and air ventilated. Kitchen utensils cannot be used frequently and frequently. Correct use and maintenance can extend the service life of kitchen cabinets and enjoy a more elegant kitchen art.

  • Eight common methods of household kitchen disinfection

    It is suitable for cotton cloth such as towels, certain children's toys, food utensils, etc. Boiling can coagulate and denature the protein of bacteria, and it usually takes 15-20 minutes. At the same time, the boiling water must cover the items being cooked. This method is simple and safe.

  • There are "secret weapons" in maintaining the kitchen

    ​The most troublesome thing about home cleaning is the kitchen. The thought of the thick grease in the kitchen is daunting. In fact, as long as the method is appropriate or some special "secret weapons" are used, the cleaning work will be doubled with half the effort. The editor meticulously collected these "secret weapons" for cleaning the kitchen, hoping to help you.

  • Simple tips for cleaning the kitchen

    ​The cleaning of the kitchen does not require a laborious cleaning. The so-called work is usually done, and the kitchen utensils are easily cleaned after each cooking. Regular security inspection services for cabinets, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, etc. can keep the kitchen as new all year round. Keep away from oil and embroidery dirt.

  • Common sense of cabinet hardware maintenance: leaking faucet repair

    Dripping water from a faucet is the most common problem with water pipes and one of the easiest to repair. However, many people ignore this problem and do not repair the dripping faucet without realizing that this might waste a lot of money. Continuous dripping will be wasted in a short period of time. I don’t know how much water is charged. Multiply the waste of water from each faucet by the number of dripping faucets in your home, and you can calculate how much money you have "flowing into" the sewer. And the dripping water from the hot water tap will waste even more, because you pay to heat the water before it flows into the sewer.

  • Matters needing attention in the maintenance of cabinet components

    Usually the main part of the cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen is the cleaning of the cabinets, and the cleaning of the cabinets needs to be divided from the composition of the cabinets. The maintenance methods and techniques for different parts of the cabinets are also different, and we need to master the methods and tricks. So what do we need to pay attention to in cleaning and maintenance?

  • Kitchen health tips

    ​Overnight dishes need to be heated The cooked food that has been stored must be reheated (not lower than 70°C) before being eaten.

  • Spices in the kitchen can cure minor diseases

    In our daily life, the deliciousness of the kitchen condiment regulator food we eat is a necessity for our nutrition, but we don’t know that the condiments in the kitchen can actually cure some minor problems and prevent minor diseases.

  • Eight details make your kitchen "young" forever

    Some consumers complain that their kitchen is outdated, and the style of the kitchen is no longer popular. If you want to renovate the kitchen style but don't want to make a big splash, in fact, we only need to choose some popular kitchen accessories, which can restore the popular elements of the kitchen in the past. Details can also reflect fashion, making your kitchen always young.

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