• How to resist the growth of bacteria in the kitchen

    ​Many people are accustomed to putting dishes, knives, cutting boards, etc. in the cupboard, and some stacking these utensils together, this is not conducive to the drying and cleaning of the kitchen utensils, and it is easy to breed staphylococcus, salmonella, E. coli and other harmful bacteria pollution Food can cause intestinal diseases and other discomforts. In order to keep kitchenware in a good dry and hygienic condition, experts suggest:

  • What should be paid attention to when customizing cabinets?

    Nowadays, many young people are more fashionable and individual, so they will choose custom-made cabinets, so that they can meet the decoration style they want.

  • Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Manual

    Range hood: In order to avoid the occurrence of range hood noise or excessive vibration, oil dripping, oil leakage, etc., the range hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive sticky oil on the inner surface of the motor, turbine and range hood; when using the range hood Keep the air circulating in the kitchen when the machine is turned on. This can prevent the air in the kitchen from forming negative pressure and ensure the suction capacity of the range hood; consumers are best not to disassemble the range hood for cleaning, because once the motor is not installed, The smoking effect cannot be guaranteed, and the noise will be increased; it is best to let the manufacturer's professional cleaning.

  • Who says the overall wardrobe is not safe and environmentally friendly

    A few days ago, I met such a consumer in a home shopping mall. From the conversation with the shopping guide, she can feel that her overall wardrobe is prejudiced, and she thinks that the overall wardrobe is synonymous with unsafe and environmentally friendly. In fact, in reporters and industry insiders After in-depth communication, I learned that many consumers currently have misunderstandings about the overall wardrobe, which is a bit wrong for the overall wardrobe.

  • Super practical cabinet maintenance experience

    People say "it is difficult to install cabinets, and it is even more difficult to maintain cabinets". The difficulty lies in not understanding the cabinets. When installing cabinets, I worry about buying inferior goods, and I am afraid that I can buy good goods but at a price loss. In fact, it takes a while to understand these things, and it is not difficult to solve at all. Maintenance is easier. My experience is to put it simply, cleaning. When cleaning is done, maintenance is done. The cleanliness of the cabinets must not be ambiguous. This is related to the physical and mental health of the family. Kitchen hardware and sinks are the key points. Especially the sink, which is easy for many people to ignore. Dirty sinks are easy to breed germs. This is one of the root causes of health problems in many families.

  • Are your cabinets installed properly?

    Wood, flooring, ceramic products, and cabinets are the largest expenditures in the decoration process, and consumers are most concerned about. The general financial situation of the family is still good at investing in these items. However, no matter how good the design, how expensive the materials, or the details are not properly grasped, it will greatly affect the final effect. Below, let's take a look at a few details that are easily overlooked in the decoration process.

  • Solid wood cabinets set off a boom again, always maintained as new

    ​Solid wood cabinets are indeed the best in cabinets, the best and most valuable overall cabinets. This has been recognized by most consumers. Powerful and tasteful customers have used solid wood cabinets as other types of cabinets other than the first bright solid wood cabinets for the purchase of integrated cabinets, all of which use wood-based panels as the base material of the door panels. Compared with solid wood, the advantages and disadvantages are self-evident. The solid wood is entirely collected from all kinds of pure natural woods, exuding the breath of nature, and the natural texture of solid wood is also welcomed by the most customers. With the continuous improvement of solid wood craftsmanship, various carving patterns and rich paint film color treatment, solid wood cabinets have more and more personalized characteristics, which can meet different preferences for decoration styles. In fact, in recent years, solid wood cabinets can be designed not only classically, but also fashionable. In addition, solid wood will last forever, not only will it not depreciate over time, but to a certain extent because the wood is more and more precious, it will continue to increase in value, and it is the most valuable cabinet that deserves its name.

  • Attention should be paid to the maintenance of kitchen cabinets: don't let maintenance become harmful

    ​The cabinet maintenance strictly avoids the use of abrasive powder, cream, solvents, especially corrosive acid-based cleaners, so as not to damage the practicability and aesthetics of the product.

  • Common sense of maintenance of cabinet countertops and door panels

    1. Maintenance and cleaning of countertops ① Avoid direct contact with hot pots and hot pots on the cabinet, preferably on a pot rack. ②Try to avoid touching the countertops and door panels with sharp objects to avoid scratches. ③All cabinet countertops are not suitable to be used as cutting boards directly, and a cutting board should be added on top of  .

  • Teach you eight ways to clean the scale of the kitchen tea set

    ​A kettle is indispensable in every kitchen. After a period of practical use, a nasty drain is often formed. Recommend to you several simple and easy ways to remove scale, you might as well try.

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